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Acupuncture throughout important health milestones

Women's health is a journey where different demands and qualities of energy come to the fore. Acupuncture can help smooth out the ups and downs to minimise disruptions to health and challenges throughout the reproductive years, enable a smooth transition of energy and emotions during the menopause, and strengthen and reinforce energy and health afterwards. 


             "I had had a few different problems with my sinuses and awful period pains, mood swings over the past few years, and it was suggested to me that I went for acupuncture.

I was a bit skeptical at first, being as I was and am having the symptoms of the peri menapause and thought that it was only conventional medicine that could deal with this, and I didn't really want to take conventional medication!

Since first visiting Rosalie for treatment for my symptoms I have noticed a considerable change in both my sinus problems and my peri symptoms. I would highly recommend having acupuncture even if you are skeptical.

It is not only the acupuncture Rosalie gives but the very informative direction/information about certain foods and slight changes to diet and lifestyle is very helpful (all be it a little hard to cut down on some of life's indulgences hahahahah)" HM 






      "I started to see Rosalie a couple of years ago after finding out about my PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). My period has never been regular since a young age. I would also get headaches and hot flushes to my head. These symptoms have all subsided, and I am regular every month with my period.

Rosalie has been very helpful and supportive throughout my ongoing treatments." VS


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