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Welcome to Edgware Acupuncture

We offer equally high quality Acupuncture and Alexander Technique given by our practitioner Rosalie Segal in a calm, quiet relaxing clinic that is totally focused on enabling you to maximise your health and well-being.


Rosalie Segal graduated with first class honours in Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture from Westminster University in 2008 and was awarded the Nutri Centre Prize for ‘best overall performance’ for the last two years consecutively of her degree course.

Rosalie has taken additional Tuina mssage courses at Westminster University with Rosey Grandage (internal and external conditions) and finds patients love the hands-on approach it brings to the treatment. 

She was also privileged to undertake her Alexander Technique training with renowned first generation teachers Walter Carrington (who took over FM Alexander;s training course) and his wife Dylis Carrington at the Constructive Teaching Centre and has been in practice now for over 23 years.



Women's Health

Rosalie has a special interest in womens' health (including pregnancy, infertility and gynecological issues) and has completed extensive post-graduate Chinese Medicine training in this field including an obstetrics and gynaecology diploma with Dr Trevor Wing (where she is an associate practitioner). Rosalie is on the steering  of the Acupuncture Childbith Team London (ACT), a dedicated group of acupuncture practitioners working in London committed to supporting women's experience through all stages of conception, pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal.


She has undertaken Ilana Machover's intensive specialist training to teach Alexander Technique for pregnancy and birth, offering both individual sessions and classes for small groups.

Advanced Training

Rosalie has undertaken the foundation and advanced Master Tung Acupuncture course with renowned American Tung Acupuncturist Susan Johnson and then further extensive Tung studies with Henry McCann (another very respected American Tung style Acupuncturist). Rosalie finds this style of treatment extremely effective for pain relief, musculo-skeletal complaints, fertility and many chronic conditions.

Addiontally she loves the subtlety and versitility of Kikko Matsumoto style Acupuncture  for fertility, structural problems, immune issues and many other conditions. 

Japanese style moxabustion (which she has studied with Japanese moxa expert Felip Caudet) has a very important role to play in her fertility and musculo-skeletal treatments.

The other very powerful branch to her treatments is Nogier style auriculotherapy which she has studied with Jim Chalmers.


Due to her past experience as a professional musician (cellist and pianist), she specialises in working with musicians and performing artists. Having both Alexander Technique and Acupuncture to offer can allow a much more holistic approach depending on whether they want help with acute conditions (treated with Acupuncture) or more long-term management and improvements of how they are using their bodies (having Alexander Technique lessons).

Smoking cessation

Rosalie is a member of the National Smoking Cessation Institute and helps people stop or reduce smoking through a combination of ear and body Acupuncture.




Rosalie is a fully insured member of both the British Acupuncture Council and the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.

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"Rosalie has the highest sensitivity: she organises each session is to deliver the best results for that particular client at that particular moment.I cannot recommend her highly enough." RR

"I have received Alexander Technique and acupuncture treatments from Rosalie. These have been gentle but powerful, and effective. Rosalie has been highly perceptive and sensitive in her approach to helping me. I would definitely go back to Rosalie if I needed to."

Annabella Rennison

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