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"I couldn’t recommend Rosalie more for acupuncture for fertility and hormonal regulation. I have loved the sessions, and have felt so relaxed and reassured by her and the treatment

She is very caring and attentive, putting one at ease whilst helping you feel more balanced and peaceful throughout the acupuncture .

She has given me clear, simple advice about nutrition, lifestyle and exercise. 
This knowledge has empowered me and taught me to listen to my body and treat it with a new found respect.

Thank you Rosalie! " Maayan Gavra Squires


Trying for a baby can be a very difficult time for women and unfortunately I feel GPs do not really understand how emotional it can be when a woman is unsuccessful to become pregnant. The longer your try, the more anxious you get and some doctors can be very unsympathetic.  This can led to higher anxiety levels leaving your body in a state which will be even harder to have a baby. My experience using acupuncture was very positive. Rosalie will look at you you are feeling, what you are eating etc....  Rosalie is a very empathetic and initiative practitioner and I felt she was very supportive in my journey.  


 I had been trying for a baby for about 4 years. The GP had just referred me to a fertility consultant and she had suggested to start a course of clomid, as i have PCOS. As I preferred a more natural approach, I started treatment with Rosalie in September 2014. I really enjoyed the sessions and although she was focusing on fertility, I found the treatment benefited me physically and emotionally. I fell pregnant in November 2014!! It was an amazing feeling to cancel my appointment with the fertility consultant because I was pregnant and did not need to take clomid. I continued to see Rosalie in my first 3 months of pregnancy. I was very nervous about the pregnancy as I had experienced a miscarriage in the past.

Nine months later I had a beautiful baby boy...

Thank you Rosalie xxxxx JK







"I contacted Rosalie for acupuncture sessions to help me with my fertility journey. Rosalie has always been very supportive and understood exactly what I needed. She always adapted the sessions depending on my feelings and gave me useful advice. After each session, I felt completely relaxed and positive. After 4 years of second infertility, I finally conceived with the help of IVF and I know the acupuncture sessions have contributed to the success of the IVF treatment. I will be always grateful for her time and professionalism and will definitely contact her again for any future acupuncture sessions. Léa"

      "I started to see Rosalie a couple of years ago after finding out about my PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). My period has never been regular since a young age. I would also get headaches and hot flushes to my head. These symptoms have all subsided, and I am regular every month with my period.

Rosalie has been very helpful and supportive throughout my ongoing treatments." VS

"Dear Rosalie, we wanted to thank you for your care and support with our treatments this year. Both of us have benefitted. My thyroid levels are normalised now. We really appreciate all you have done for use and the whole famly" K&R

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