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The beauty of treating the whole person with Chinese Medicine Acupuncture

My patient (who was coming for fertility treatment) had a 'random' pain in her shoulder. The beautiful thing about Chinese medicine is that you can treat more than one thing at a time, as long as you understand how all the areas link up through the meridians that are like a magical transport system bringing Qi and Blood to all areas of the body.

My main focus was her fertility treatment (as we get ready for the IVF treatment coming up). We started in a seated position where I did a few cups locally over the shoulder (to bring Qi and Blood to the area), followed by brief Tuina massage in the same area. Her shoulder was already starting to feel better at this stage. I then put in Acupuncture needles that were both deeply tonifying but also, positively, could free up the blocked energy in her neck and posterior shoulder. Once the needles were inserted, I asked her to move her neck and shoulder area to encourage more flow of Qi to the local area

We then moved the treatment to the couch where I massaged her back and legs to integrate her energy and get it flowing through the big channels along the back that also intersected with her neck and shoulder issues. After clearing the stuck energy, I focused more on warming and building her energy connected with the fertility issues in the lumbar area.

We then turned to treating the front of her body adding a few needles on the legs that were applicable both internally and for her neck and shoulder. While these needles were in, I continued with my Tuina massage, this time to warm and nourish her energy in the lower abdomen. I only used 9 needles in total on front and back (in combination with the cupping and Tuina) to give both a warming, nourishing treatment for fertility and a clearing, pain-reducing treatment for her musculo-skeletal condition.

I love the way Acupuncture can treat the whole person even with two such diverse things going on together.

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