Edgware Acupuncture is now open

We are now open for most patients under the government's 'careful practice' guidelines but this will be assessed on an individual basis through our 15 minute free phone consultation.

Edgware Acupuncture has undergone a rigorous risk assessment and implemented very strict Covid-secure protocols to ensure maximum safety for our patients.

Telehealth consultations are still available for everyone via Zoom and can be a good option for patients who are not ready to visit the clinic and need health support.

Consultations will include the usual thorough initial discussion followed by guided acupressure and qigong exercises specifically tailored to their constitutions, meditation (where appropriate) as well as individualised Chinese medicine dietary and lifestyle advice. Each patient will receive a personal plan for ongoing practise of the techniques we use in the session. 


Phone 07983 639452 for a free 15 minute phone consultation to discuss whether to come for a face to face session or would be better suited to telehealth sessions at this time.